Welcome Thinking Chameleon-s !

My name is Antonios Tashejian. I am a Prague-based researcher and graduate student of Geopolitics at Charles University. I hold an MA in Middle Eastern Studies & Comparative Politics from the University of Exeter and a BA in History from the Sorbonne in Paris. 

Thinking Chameleon is a blog I started in 2015 but did not take seriously until October 2019 during my time in Exeter. I have divided the blog into three sections: History & Politics, Personal Thoughts and Book Reviews. History & Politics deals with affairs pertaining to geopolitical developments in the Middle East and Eurasia regions, specifically in the Levant, Anatolia and South Caucasus. I also focus on issues of nationalism, mass atrocities and conflict, but also governance. Personal Thoughts groups articles about identity and other philosophical/conceptual reflections based on my personal experiences. My love for books and world literature has led me to recently add the section Book Review, where I reflect on novels from my region of focus. 

I hope you enjoy reading these articles as much as I enjoy writing them. 

Comments, feedback and even e-mails to antoniostashejian@gmail.com are welcome! 

Happy reading!